2005 Web girl Golf Tournament held out in Kansas.

Celeste and I stayed on a team together and got auctioned off to Earl who was so much fun. We really got lucky and everyone we played golf with treated us great and had a lot of fun. Ok so, they were no Tiger Woods... but said their golf game is much better when they don't have two naked Chicky's distracting them. Earl was a great sport and let us dance all over him and get him drunk with our body shots. Apparently we need more practice with pouring the shots down our pussies and in to his mouth cause we made a mess all over the poor guy. :)

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Celeste and I also had lots of fun together on the 3rd and 4th hole. All the guys were standing around snapping pictures of us eating each others pussies. It felt great to be running around naked all after noon. By the 9th hole I thought Earl could use some encouragement on his swing so I gave him a special dance with a little pussy nibbling. It didn't do much to help him get the ball in the hole but it did make his stick stand at attention. hehe

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